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RV and Homeowners Insurance

Specialized RV Insurance
GMAC Insurance is America's Number 1 RV Insurance specialist*, with service and claims staff that "speak RV." While most insurance companies treat RVs as big cars, GMAC Insurance's RV policies are specific to these unique vehicles, offering many of the industry's best coverage and protection plans:

  • Automatic Personal Effects Coverage. Up to $3,000 in free coverage for your personal belongings and contents in your RV, in the event of theft, vandalism, collision accident, wind storm, hail, fire or explosion.

  • Optional Replacement Cost Coverage. If your RV is totaled or stolen (and not recovered) in its first five model years, we'll replace it with a comparable new RV, even if you're not the original owner. After the first five model years, we'll pay your full original purchase price not a depreciated amount toward the purchase of the replacement RV.**

  • RV Storage Coverage. If your RV is going to be in storage for 30 days or more, this benefit allows you to suspend all of your coverages, except Comprehensive. Our customers save an average of $350 with just six months of Storage Coverage when their RV is not in use.

  • Full-Timers Liability Coverage. People who claim their RV as their primary residence need the same type of protection that regular homeowners have. This includes personal protection for injuries in or around your RV, personal liability, superior personal effects coverage and much more.
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Homeowners Insurance
GMAC Insurance offers one of the most comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage plans, including medical payments coverage of up to $1,000 for anyone injured on a customers property, personal liability protection up to $100,000 per accident, and temporary living assistance when the home is declared uninhabitable. Also, as part of its homeowners policy, GMAC Insurance offers personal umbrella coverage.

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Homeowners Insurance

Designed to protect your residence and also your peace of mind.

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Multi-Vehicle Discount

Multiple vehicles? Then we can multiply your savings!

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