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Auto Insurance Discounts for OnStar Subscribers

GMAC Insurance offers special auto insurance discounts for current OnStar subscribers. As an OnStar subscriber you'll receive an instant discount on your car insurance just for having the protection of OnStar on your GM vehicle.

We can do this because we've discovered that drivers who have OnStar are simply safer drivers, and we're glad to have you as customers.

For subscription information, please visit the OnStar web site.

  • Based on the miles that you drive save up to 35% on your auto insurance premium*
  • All OnStar subscribers can save up to 10% off of total premium (regardless of miles you drive) **
  • GM Vehicle Ownership discount
  • GM/GMAC Loyalty discount (Receive additional discounts for having any one of the following: GMAC or NuvellAuto Finance, GM Card, and GMAC Mortgage)
  • Emergency expense allowance up to $500
  • Optional nationwide towing to the nearest repair facility
  • Convenient electronic payment options

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Drive less? Save More!

Save on auto insurance with GMAC Insurance's Low Mileage Discount offered exclusively to OnStar Subscribers.

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