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2006 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test

For the second year in a row, we conducted the GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, fielding a study to gauge the driving knowledge and practices of the American public. The study was divided into two sections: the first section asked standard written driving test questions (taken from state driving tests) and the second section asked driving behavior questions. The results are eye-opening!

You may not have brushed up on the rules of the road since you were 16. We invite you to see if you would pass a state driving test if you had to take it again today.

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety The IIHS is a nonprofit research and communications organization funded by auto insurers. For over 30 years, the IIHS has been a leader in finding out what works and doesn't work to prevent motor vehicle crashes in the first place and reduce injuries in the crashes that still occur.

MarketTools MarketTools has been the leading technology-enabled marketing research provider since its beginning in 1997. Specializing in primary marketing research - concept testing, product testing, sorts, advertising research, trackers and more - we have an extensive product offering ranging from full-service research studies and analysis to self-directed web-based surveys and reporting.

Safe Kids Buckle Up Safe Kids Buckle Up, sponsored by General Motors and Chevrolet, is the largest and most comprehensive program of Safe Kids Worldwide. Since 1996, GM has served the exclusive funding source and helped build Safe Kids Buckle Up into a multifaceted national initiative, bringing motor vehicle safety messages to children and families through community and dealer partnerships.

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