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2005 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test

GMAC Insurance conducted its inaugural National Drivers Test, fielding a 40-question survey to gauge the driving knowledge and practices of the American driving public. The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test was divided into two sections: the first section asked 20 standard written driving test questions (taken verbatim from state driving tests) and the second section asked 20 behavioral and situational driving-scenario and insurance-related questions. The results are surprising!

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More Information:

Press Release with Results

Executive Summary of Research

State Rankings

Top Five Accident Claims and Safe Driving Tips

Research Methodology

GMAC Insurance Fact Sheet

Helpful Links:

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit research and communications organization funded by auto insurers. For over 30 years, the IIHS has been a leader in finding out what works and doesn't work to prevent motor vehicle crashes in the first place and reduce injuries in the crashes that still occur.

TNS NFO TNS, the firm that conducted the study for GMAC Insurance, is the worlds largest custom research company and a leading provider of social and political polling.

National SAFE KIDS Campaign SAFE KIDS BUCKLE UP, sponsored by General Motors and Chevrolet, is a national program developed by the national SAFE KIDS Campaign to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of properly restraining children on every ride.

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