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GMAC Insurance Personal Lines

65 Years of Automobile Industry Heritage

Keeps Lives Moving


1939 as Motors Insurance Company (MIC) by General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC). It is now part of GMAC Insurance, a wholly owned subsidiary of GMAC.


An integral part of GMAC Financial Services, GMAC Insurance Personal Lines is a provider of nonstandard, standard and preferred automobile insurance and homeowners insurance. The company focuses on selling insurance products for cars, RVs, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and specialty/modified vehicles. GMAC Insurance sells insurance through 13,000 independent agents across the U.S., directly to the public with dozens of affinity and GM partners, and through its online service at gmacinsurance.com.

Our Story

In the early 1900s when the motor vehicle industry was just in its infancy, dealers paid cash to stock their inventory, purchasing just a few vehicles at a time. Subsequently, with the onset of the assembly line, manufacturers wanted dealers to buy vehicles in large quantities in order to keefactories running regularly. To heldealers buy larger quantities, GM created General Motors Acceptance Corporation in 1919. By 1939, the fast growing financial arm of Americas premiere auto manufacturer was not only helping dealers, they had expanded into helping consumers get on the road with financing and insurance options. Today, GMAC Insurance Personal Lines is a thriving $1.3 billion dollar company with 2,721 employees, offering full-service insurance solutions for nearly all automotive brands and models in 47 states, as well as homeowners insurance.

We KeeYour Life Moving

As the countrys only insurance company to come from within the automotive industry, GMAC Insurance has a unique perspective. To its very core, the company understands that, to Americans, a car is more than a transportation tool. It is a tangible link to our freedom, self-expression, and most of all, the fundamental catalyst that keeps our lives moving. With this perspective, GMAC Insurance is a company with a singular purpose: to get you back on the go when mishaps threaten to sideline your life. From SureDrive, an innovative partnershiwith Enterprise Rent-A-Car providing customers rental cars right to the roadside, to customer service representatives that make you feel like a person and not a policy number, GMAC Insurance is built from the ground uto anticipate, understand and meet its customers needs to keethem moving.

Today, GMAC Insurance ranks among the toinsurers in the nation. In total, 1.97 million policies are currently serviced by GMAC Insurance Personal Lines for a full spectrum of drivers, buying their insurance through a variety of channels.

Many Products and Services That KeeDrivers Moving

GMAC Insurance offers insurance products tailored for individual drivers, RV owners, and even modified specialty vehicles.

Consumer Vehicle Insurance The products and services at GMAC Insurance are a distinctive experience not merely about insurance policies. The Company treats customers as people. GMAC Insurance underwrites the full spectrum of American drivers young to old and of all driving experiences and histories with services that can better assist customers in their daily lives. And it has been recognized for some of the most innovative and supportive services, including its nationwide towing service, 24/7 claims service, and a partnershiwith Enterprise Rent-A-Car that provides a totally seamless premium rental service, called SureDrive.

Affinity Groups GMAC Insurance partners with many affinity groups and associations to customize their policies and better serve their membership. Among those groups whose automotive insurance needs are provided by GMAC Insurance are the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, The Good Sam Club, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Rural Leader Carriers Association and Moose Clubs.

RVs In perhaps the ultimate expression of handling special needs for groups, GMAC Insurance is Americas #1 RV insurance specialist. While most insurance companies treat RVs as a big car, GMAC Insurances RV policies are specific to these unique vehicles, offering many of the industrys most favorable, secure coverages and protection plans in the industry.

Specialty/Modified Vehicles GMAC Insurance offers products to complicated, hard-to-peg areas of the market that are simply deemed too difficult for other insurance companies to underwrite. One example of this is specialty-modified vehicles. GMAC Insurance remains one of only a handful of companies willing to underwrite rural US postal delivery vehicles, which are often modified trucks or cars used by people serving as contract letter carriers in remote areas.

Homeowners Insurance GMAC Insurance offers one of the most comprehensive homeowner insurance coverage plans, including medical payments coverage of uto $1000 for anyone injured on a customers property, personal liability protection uto $100,000 per accident, and temporary living assistance when the home is declared uninhabitable. Also, as part of its homeowners policy, GMAC Insurance also offers personal umbrella coverage.

Key Numbers

2004 Sales 1.347 Billion

2004 Employees 2,721

Key People

President and CEO Gary Kusumi

Chief Financial Officer Bernie Buselmeier

Major Corporate Locations

St. Louis, Missouri

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Atlanta, Georgia

Media Contact

Noelle Guerin

Cercone Brown and Partners

617-248-0680 X10

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